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Biomatics is a fundamental approach to the design of complex molecular and chemical systems based on the principles of computer science.

Biomatics is a discipline that networks biology, philosophy, mathematics, informatics, and mechanics to describe all biological information structures in holistic ways. It is also a short name of Biosystems Informatics, and it is strictly related to Biomatic Engineering (a field of Systems Bioengineering). Unlike bioinformatics which is the science of information retrieval from textual data, biomatics involves cellular and molecular biology, hardware and engineering. 

The major difference between biomatics and other biological fields such as
bioinformatics is that biomatics is associated with design and construction (synthesis) of biological objects and machineries under mathematical principles.

In the future, the disctinction between bioinformatics and biology will be thin or nearly gone. Anyone can easily order experiments or experimental results. Then, the integrated bioinformatical biology will be effectively biomatics. The difference between present biology and biomatics is that biomatics is using bioinformatics as the prime method.

The history of Biomatics



Eventually, molecular programs could be used to manufacture nanoscale objects, to create biochemical circuitry to probe the inner workings of cells, and as "programmable therapies" placed within living cells to diagnose and directly respond to diseases.

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