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Biomatics lab - Biomatics.org

Biomatics lab

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Biomatics Lab is an open free lab where people can join to collaborate with other people with fully open sharing process. It is for far-sighted and unselfish people with various degree of contribution. There is no one absolutely correct view on what biomatics and how to run the virtual lab on the net.

People can freely share ideas with conscious balancing, leading, following, elaborating and criticising suggestions and information.

Biomatics lab members

We welcome people who are passionate and interested in the understanding and engineering life processes.



     Computational Structures in Non-Coding DNA and the Histone Code

     Protein Based Computing



     Biocircuit Wiki 

A portal for researching and engineering biological circuits. We aim to build a biological circuit design system. It uses omics knowledge, and     bioinformatics algorithms in developing new ways to design, build and analyze biological circuits. Biological circuits control information flow in biological systems, and as such are a core area of Information Science and Technology. The study of circuits cuts across vast areas of biology, from biochemistry, biophysics and genetics, to cell and developmental biology, to neurobiology and ecology. Understanding how to design and build circuits is crucial for the next generation of bioengineering. The study of biological circuits also opens up new areas for theory in computation. We combine the experimental biologist's desire to abstract the key principles from the richness and diversity of biological circuits, the physicist's sense of measurement and of simple underlying mechanisms, and the engineer's aesthetic of "to build is to understand,"  This is for an interdisciplinary group of biologists and engineers from a broad range of engineering and biology disciplines.

Goals: We will deduce simple rules about biological circuits and understand how they act in circuits at the levels of molecules, cells, organisms and ecosystems. We will learn how to model, design, build and analyze biological circuits. We will forge effective interdisciplinary research teams and train interdisciplinary researchers, with fundamental connections between engineering and circuit biology, systems and molecular neuroscience

     BioMathematics Wiki 

                An Open Wiki portal for storing biomathematical findings, views, news, and data.

     Cancer studies

     Biomatics Based Biomedical Imaging Systems

     Biomatics Graphics and  Animation

        This web resource presents an organized directory of cell and molecular animations, as well as a collection of original tutorials for life science            professionals learning 3D visualization. The goal is to provide an efficient way for scientists and educators to browse and access existing animations for   teaching and communication purposes. We hope to build an open community among 3D users focusing their efforts on cell and molecular visualizations. 


     Biomatics Tools
          Biomatics Thesaurus
            An informatics project for the "semantic web" and ontology crowd.
          Molecular Docking Software
     The Protein Folding Problem


Biomatics Lab archive


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