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Sports Biomatics

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“The zone” as it is known in sports is a mental state which includes mental focus during sports and a sense of calmness and confidence. Actions and decisions are effortless and easy. There is no self-criticism and the person is living in the moment. The athlete is playing in the here and now, performing his craft with no conscious energy applied to the mechanics of the activity. The brain is as if executing a prerecorded program. 

Perspectives on molecular and cellular exercise physiology

  1. F. W. Booth

+ Author Affiliations

  1. Department of Physiology and Cell Biology, University of Texas Medical School, Houston 77225.


A challenge to applied physiologists is to continue to apply new methods to their field. The purpose of this review is to speculate how recent advances in the fields of molecular and cell biology might be applied to exercise physiology to provide greater insights into the mechanisms underlying adaptations to a single bout of exercise and to repeated bouts of exercise (training). The review is organized to consider the actions occurring outside the cell, through the cellular membrane and cytoplasm to the nucleus. These topics are as follows: blood-borne signals, polypeptide growth factors, membrane receptors (insulin receptor, adrenergic receptors, acetylcholine receptors, phosphorylation of receptors, and mutant receptors), transduction through the plasmalemma (glucose transporters and G proteins), second messengers (phosphatidylinositol phosphates and calcium), cis sequences required for muscle-specific gene expression, transcriptional regulation by physiological signals, and gene expression. Exercise physiology is a challenging discipline that integrates molecules, cell-to-cell interaction, tissues, and the whole organism during the physiological stress of exercise by the live, unanesthetized animal. 


1 Anatomy and Physiology

  • Sport and Exercise in the Life Sciences
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Physiological Systems
  • Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Metabolism
  • Energy Balance and Body Composition
  • Lifestyle Factors Affecting Health

2 Biomechanics

  • Introduction to Sports Biomechanics
  • Human and Linear Kinematic Concepts
  • Linear Kinetics: The Study of Force and Movement
  • Angular Kinematics
  • Angular Kinetics
  • Fluid Biomechanics
  • Analysis Methods

3 Psychology

  • Psychology of Sport
  • Exercise and Psychological Health
  • The Psychology of Motor Learning and Performance



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