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The future of Biomatics and Biology - Biomatics.org

The future of Biomatics and Biology

From Biomatics.org

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Huge and complete scale of doing biology.

In the future, the disctinction between bioinformatics and biology will be thin or nearly gone. Anyone can easily order experiments or experimental results instead performing at in-house labs. Then, the integrated bioinformatical biology will be effectively biomatics. 

The difference between present biology and biomatics is that biomatics is using bioinformatics as the prime method and it is rational and mathematical/computational principle based as in rational drug design. Biomatics uses computers to produce data, simulation, cost and blue-print for all the experiments. The blue-prints will be sent to robots to perform the experiments. 

The experiment results will be analyzed by bioinformatic software automatically in a network biology paradigm. The outcome will be fed into the cycle again until the goal of the biological goal is fully achieved. This is a big construction cycle to solve problems such as ageing. 

The biological goal using biomatics is not to find just one protein target or finding a set of diabetes genes that are most relevant to some clinical conditions, but it solves problems such as ageing in a big biomatic experiment.

Therefore, biomatic experimental target is "complete simulation and solution" of cancer or "complete simulation and solution of ageing". In the past, researchers suggest projects such as "human genome" project to help understand various application fields such as oncology, diabetes, asthma, etc. However, biomatic experimental goal is a whole complete package of doing biology.

The ultimate biomatic experimental project is "aging" through a complete simulation of cells, tissues, organs and organisms accompanied by chemical and clinical informations and materials to completely control the aging process. Biomatists will solve reach this level by 2042.

Why the word biomatics?

Biology primarily is about understanding the nature. Biomatics is to control the whole evolution of life forms in the universe. Biomatics is the ultimate tool to completely map all the principles in controlling the biological entities using mathematics, informatics, and equipments such as computers and robots. Furthermore, it directs and changes the evolution speed, path, and methods of life forms. It is part of our life as if our brains and hands are parts of our life.

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